Documentary about 3D printing

Prvok was born out of enthusiasm for a new technology

And out of a desire to create a milestone in a long-unmodernised sector – the construction industry. The film we made along the way charts this winding journey. The documentary takes us through the creation of the first Czech 3D printed house from the very beginning. While there were many beautiful moments during the planning and the actual printing of the house, the process was not without its challenges.

Trailer – Documentary about Prvok

What you can look forward to:

Did you know that during the actual live printing, when over 50 Buřinka employees, partners and people from the ministry came to see it in its glory, part of Prvok collapsed? The environmental conditions just didn’t play into our hands. We were struggling with humidity, which was affecting the properties of the mixture from which Prvok was printed. Are there other details besides the setbacks that interest you? How did Prvok get from České Budějovice to Prague? And how did the subsequent assembly and furnishing of the house actually take place? This and much more can be seen in our documentary.


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The premiere took place during the EKOFILM film festival in Brno. Visitors could see it on 21 October at the night preview and on 23 October at the official premiere, followed by a panel with the creators of the project.
Our next goal is to get the documentary into cinemas so that it can be seen by the general public across the Czech Republic. If you can’t catch the film in the cinemas, don’t despair, it will eventually be broadcast on TV.

The people of the project


Ondřej Zahořík

During the printing of Prvok we had some difficult moments when everything did not go as we had planned. It is this reality and the actual implementation of the project that we want to show to the public. At the same time, we would like to introduce the project to those who have not had the opportunity to see Prvok with their own eyes.

AMI Communications

Veronika Menschikova

Our aim was to map the creation of Prvok from the very beginning to its final completion and unveiling. We show the reality, even the moments when everything did not go according to plan and the first layers of the house collapsed. It was an experiment that exceeded everyone’s expectations. Thanks to the project and the documentary, we have stirred up a discussion about 3D printed construction, and that is exactly what we were aiming for. A big thanks to Buřinka, who made the project possible and subsequently this documentary, in which Stavební spořitelna České spořitelny stepped in as producer.