Samorost from Buřinka

A combination of nature, strength and beauty

The central theme of this site is progress

In materials, sustainability and housing affordability

Why did we go for it? Because we’ve been helping people save for their dream home for 27 years, and now we want to go even further. We’ve set out to revolutionise the construction industry. We’re focusing on new ways to recycle materials, affordability and environmental friendliness, which we’re showing in our public projects. All in the name of affordable housing for all.

Projects we are involved in

The vision and projects implemented by Buřinka in one place

We are changing the world of construction and housing. We’re not afraid to support paths that have never been taken. Projects that will take the world of construction and housing to new, necessary dimensions.


Prvok by Buřinka

Parkour playground

Documentary about 3D printing


How they wrote about us on every continent

The first floating 3D printed house, Prvok by Buřinka. It’s the project that took the world by storm.

Media coverage (worldwide)

464 million

Social media reach in the country

2 million

Social media interactions

100 thousand